My father is impressive. He has always been impressive in my eyes. However, while he was up on his shelf I placed him on, my mother was grinding away under my nose.

Let me explain… my relationship with my dad is like most relationships between working dads and their children. His work was in a spotlight and we tiptoed around him and our appreciation for him was always at the ready. Mom, though, walked through life right at our sides. She fed us, listened to us, pushed us, helped us, healed us, …oh how we can go on about a mother’s love! Point is, she was there constantly and my brother and I became blind to her efforts. She was often taken for granted. Sound familiar?

So, is this a feminist piece? No, not really. My dad’s appreciation is due and well deserved. As my husband’s is now.

Here is some foresight, I recently jumped out into the land of the working. WAIT! I mean working with hours and pay. I have found myself in a position with many hats. I had originally decided that the many skills my dad has passed on to me would benefit me the most, which of course, they have but maybe not necessarily the most. Instead it is my mom’s ability to wear many hats, I am discovering benefits me daily.

My mom has been a house cleaner, clerk, a waitress, an insurance agent’s secretary, an ESL teacher, a teacher’s aid, a class sponsor, 4H leader, a bookkeeper, a manager, a prison guard, a secretary for the police chief …just to name a few.

My boss says things like “where’d you learn to drive a bus?” …and well my mom drove our bus for years and then later, all around El Paso with a bus load of prisoners.

There was never really an emphasis on mom’s career paths. Or at least not in my eyes, I am ashamed to say. She was just being mom. Helping with the bills, dragging in and feeding us, making sure all our schedules were met, our clothes were ready. Did she struggle? Yes. So much. But she never quit and always grew, always progressed.

She switched her hats gracefully and, boy, did she wear them all well.

I can only hope to get the hang of what she has mastered over the years. Thankfully she left me a blueprint all the while my attention was elsewhere.

Thank you mom! Thank you for your dedication to your many “hats” throughout the years.

My mom is impressive. She has always been impressive.

Thank the Lord women are multitaskers.