Why is it people mock others for finding and praising God? Or for being religious about going to church to praise as a community. I am guilty. But only because I felt guilty for not searching Him out and letting Him share my burdens. I wonder if many who have a problem with Christian’s “in-your-face” love for God and his Son are going through what I struggled through. Let me pause and explain “in-your-face” love. I mean that Christ has come in and filled Christians up. He is first in our lives. Therefore, we will share His love over and over again. Not to guilt trip others or to brag about our lives, but to share God’s glory so others may be blessed with even a moment of what it feels like when you are no longer alone. You are not only, not alone but enveloped in all ways with light and love and protection. You simply cannot help it from bursting out of you.

I, then, wonder if I come off as “holier-than-thou”, but I know the truth. I am weak. I am burdened. I am flawed. I get things wrong, a lot. But with God, I am strong, I am freed from earthly stresses, I love my flaws, and I learn from my mistakes. Do I do this always? Oh no! I forget to stand with God and fall, but then I remember to take the Lord’s hand and follow once again. I am not healed, I am not bullet proof, I am not taller or grander than anyone else. But I have found I can heal, I can deflect bullets, and I love to shower others with God’s grace, all because I have found my way to my natural place in God and with his Son.

I think I knew all along I belonged here, but I resisted. I lived with my ego instead. I wanted to be allowed to do as I wanted. I thought I could fix myself. I now know that is far from the truth. I feel that above all I basically led a life in the shadows away from His light because I felt deeply and painfully unworthy. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a “bad” person. Then again only God can choose which of us is. I just let in the darkness more often and didn’t know how to free myself. Then when I saw Christians sharing scriptures and quotes that glorified The Way, I shied away, feeling unworthy. I was jealous. Jealous that they seemed to have found what I had lost and could not find. I know now that no one stays found. We must continue to seek and be found again and again. Human are by nature susceptible to the darkness. When shadows overcome us we will always have to find our way back to the light. The light never leaves. He is constant. But the shadows will hide us from Him. We have to break free and step into His warmth.

How do we break free from the darkness? We study the teachings within the Bible, we pray, we love, we have FAITH and know that even in the darkness Christ is fighting with us. He shields us and leads us back. Just typing this, I am bursting at the seams with love for my Savior! He and I are fighting battles daily and He has never let me down. I can even fall back onto Him and He continues to fight. That. That!!!! Is WHY I feel the need to share Him. I want my neighbors, strangers, enemies (not sure I have those), friends, and family to know what it feels like. What His love for me has done. He loves you the same. Isn’t that wonderful?!

Lastly, I do not judge those who are lost. Yes, because I am found, I see those who aren’t, as lost. I know I was. Understand that I love you all equally because I am commanded to, but also because God blessed me with a heart that can love without bounds. You are no less than I and I am no more than you. We are the same. The life that runs in my veins also runs in yours. That gives me chills! Much of life does. Isn’t our creator absolutely amazing?! I pray right now that we all can feel His love and never feel alone again. What a world that would be!

So Facebook friends and those of other mediums, know I will continue to highlight God and my Savior through my actions and writings. Am I perfect? No. Will I have times of weakness? Yes, often actually. But I will always crave His love and fight to get it back. When you see my posts or hear my Christian words, know I am simply wanting to share something wonderful with you. I am unable to judge. Darkness says I can and says others do, but God is really the only judge. I choose to leave Him to it and I will love all, even those who do not earn it; that, too, is not for me to determine.

-with luv