Just as fish in a pond, people tend to dodge the hook. What hook is baited for humans? The Almighty hook that Jesus, The Great Fisher of Man, casts out into the seas of blue, in hope of hooking a faithful heart to bring back home. Naturally we tend to be leery of His shiny and sharp hook. Fear tells us not to trust; not to seek out the truth. Run away. When the hook intended for us is lovingly placed near, we can not see who holds the pole; what glorious grace is waiting. We can only see the other “fish” swim quickly away from their own hooks and call out that they are safe and living. It isn’t until we take a chance and bite. I mean really bite, His hook, we realize that through the blood is the only way to truly be safe and ultimately live a fulfilling life.

When swimming the rough waters in our lives without Jesus, we feel uncomfortable, edgy, waiting for the next attack. Our lives fill up with anxiety, worry, and doubt. We’re always on the run, trying to keep up, even attempting to simply take our next breath. It is ironic that getting hooked, netted, and brought on board is actually when we finally get our first breath of freedom. Free from fear. Free from worry. Free from doubt. Free from other’s judgements. Free from running into that dark, brick wall. A hooked person knows that Jesus is the way. They feel it. They see it. It rushes through their veins. Their hearts pump it out into the world. Life is full then. Joyful, peaceful, and on course.

Jesus left His fish a map. What a loving master is He?! His word sets us in the right direction. Maps out our stars. Points us to the magnificent light that warms our souls, so we may attract others to come and join us. With Jesus in our hearts we are invincible. Once a minnow, now a shark. Life may send big waves, even drown us, but we will not fear for we will live eternally with a Lord. Only He can give us what we seek.

Side note: You know you can feel the pull. You may not can make sense of it, but belonging to the Lord is the most natural instinct we have. I want to encourage you to swim over and take at least a nibble. I promise you, you will be hooked before you know it. He who made the world wants you with him. His love is waiting. Join us, whoever you are. I love you. I can say that with utmost confidence because His love enables me to do so. Can you imagine such a love? No need. Just Bite!!

-with luv