As the sun rises on a new day where will it find you? Will you be in a rut you dug yourself? Been there. Will it find you shielding your face from new possibilities? Been there too. Will it find you uninspired and unhappy? Yep, that too. Or… are you ready to look straight ahead and let the fresh light fully envelope you? Let that light lift you up. Let it shine on your path. -I am.

January is a time for re-evaluating your life. New year, new you…blah, blah, blah. If only it was that simple. There is no perfect time to embrace a change. But if I had to choose when, I’d say NOW. Evaluate. Decide. Build courage. Then just DO IT. Easier said than done, right?! Well if you really want something nothing should be able to stop you. When life takes you to that breaking point, that is when you know exactly what is needed to be done but do you in fact want to change? Humans are creatures of lust and greed. Especially in today’s world where most wants are readily available. Change is a different kind of want. It is unlike that need you are forced to act on. Change requires faith, dedication, loyalty, and a special breed of resilience. A person must want to change in order to reach that point of success. Thankfully God has made all of us capable of change.

Look inside yourself, who do you want to be in, say, five years? Now, want it. Want it so bad that you are dreaming of it. Picture that outcome. Hold that outcome close to your heart. Pray and pray hard for strength and willpower. Then take God’s hand and go get it. Fight for it. Push for it. If you fall God will stand you back up and then you must choose to keep going. Only in perseverance do we truly change.

Personal note:

I have made some huge life changes the pass year or two. I have found a stronghold in my faith. I have gotten help for my anxiety and, if I must say so myself, am kicking it’s butt! I have discovered some methods to keep my illness in check. I have found my confidence, lost it again, then found it all over again. In that I have learned to fail and keep going. I have both intentionally and unintentionally practiced my perseverance. God has stepped in here and there and I am beyond thankful. These past days have given me the tools to truly move forward with a purpose. I have learned to fail and be proud of it, shrug it off and get back at it. Am I rocking life and having no setbacks? Oh hell no. But I have come so far and I am dang proud of myself.

Now how did I do this, you ask? I hit a low point. I was broken. Then I looked up. God smiled back. Then I looked forward with wishful eyes. Then wanting eyes. Next, I took the first step. Every little step added up to miles and miles of difference. My journey is far from over but I am taking steps. Wanna walk with me?

-with luv