A Little shoeshine boy he never gets low down
But he’s got the dirtiest job in town
Bending low at the peoples feet
On the windy corner of the dirty street
Well, I asked him while he shined my shoes
How’d he keep from getting the blues
He grinned as he raised his little head
Popped a shoeshine rag and then he said

Get rhythm when you get the blues
Come on, get rhythm when you get the blues
A jumpy rhythm makes you feel so fine
It’ll shake all your trouble from your worried mind
Get rhythm when you get the blues

Johnny Cash sings about a shoeshine boy with a sensible idea. The boy explains that he gets the rhythm when he gets the blues. Of course, the first thought is the lyrics signify dance movements and music, especially in a catchy song like this. Both are blues busters with profound effectiveness. When I am feeling “lowdown” music always puts a pep back into my step. A little dancing can raise my heart rate and bring about motivation on my most hopeless of days. Even singing out loud can change my mood in an instance, even if it hurts nearby ears.

But let’s talk about life’s rhythm. What could that mean? Maybe routine. Maybe a reminder to get back into a healthier lifestyle. Maybe the need to become grounded to the Earth or in tune with your surroundings. Or simply listening to one’s own rhythm, the pace in which we are the most comfortable and productive.

Well, why not all of that?  We see or feel rhythm in all things. Our own bodies work off of an unique rhythm. Our clocks tick away, pumping vital information and nutrients throughout our systems. A steady breath and a calm heartrate in times of adversity help keep our bodies from stress-related injuries. Nature plays a beautiful tune. The birds and the breeze are at the top of my favorites list. The hum of warm conversation is a beat I always enjoy. The rise and fall in a person’s voice telling those whom they converse with the true meaning behind the words they speak. Routines that drop off and then comeback strong in cycles, not unlike notes on a music sheet. Periods with strong steadfastness and then some with a weaker slowness. All of these rhythms make music that tally up life.

However, the most important rhythm is the one you feel when you connect with God. This rhythm gets you through the hard times and the best of times and all the times in between. Sometimes it is difficult to hear and tap along to. But if you remember to do as the shoeshine boy says and get the rhythm back, your blues are sure to hightail it. God plays the sweetest tune you will ever hear. You only need to quiet your own rhythm long enough to hear it. When you start feeling down, gloriously dance with God and peace and joy will always overcome you.

-with luv