How can you forgive someone who cuts you so deep that you feel as though you’ve been gutted? How can you show kindness in the midst of strife? How can you let go of your anger and replace it with forgiveness?

Understanding is the like the Swiss pocket knife strapped to the toolbelt. Understanding works in all situations. You can understand the other person’s position or circumstances, their anger, their upbringing, their past hurts, their weaknesses, their actions out of self preservation, their retaliations, their inability to act through clear intentions,  and their lowest points.  All of which can have effect on a human being’s actions and words. We all have a life to build. Throughout construction there are mishaps, bent nails, warped boards, misdirection, and faulty equipment. Understand that the human that hurt you is in fact merely human. Only God can truly forgive all sins, but He did gift His children with understanding. A necessary tool in healing the heart.

Another tool on that divined tool belt is self acceptance. Picture a hammer hitting the thumb that you were slow to move. You must accept your part in the conflict firstly, not lastly. See with unbias eyes what you did to ensue the friction and then take full credit for your wrong doings. Then you can pull out understanding, once again, to help you at very least empathize with those who hurt you. Together they are a handy duo.

The most powerful tool left on the belt is faith. Faith is a power drill that comes with many bits. You can use it to help you remember all the sins God has forgiven and then to strive to follow in His example. Then put in another faith bit and hold it firmly while it tightens into place and do not yield. Then again and again. Have faith all will heal with time. Have faith the wrong-doer will heal and repent. Have faith you can be forgiven. Have faith your heart will heal enough to show mercy and forgiveness. Have faith that life is not worth wasting in anger.

After all the tools have done their job put them in a safe place in your now sturdier than ever heart and then release the belt. Throw it down and walk away. The belt represents any remaining grudges. Do not allow them to set up shop and build a wall around your heart. They will only hurt you more.

God’s love gives us strength. A strength beyond measure. We only need to be brave enough to let go and give it to Him. He is the one who can judge and forgive all. He can help you feel lighter and more receptive, you only need to ask. In God’s time all can heal and move forward. You have all the tools you need and the ability to use them, now let the Al-Mighty Carpenter show you how.

-with luv