As I hopefully look at the daily forecast a thought comes to me. We as humans try to predict so much in life. The fact is, though, we do not hold that power. No amount of science can truly predict the future. There will always be ever-changing variables and unforeseen circumstances.

There is this quote I have in my notes from the episode ‘Religion and Science’ from ‘The Story of God’ with Morgan Freeman that I absolutely love. A scientist that Morgan interviews says something like (I take notes like a chicken), “…sitting here surrounded by creation in a gap between knowledge and God, but I can always find God in that gap”. I definitely recommend this series. It has changed my faith in many ways for the better.

What I get from that quote is this; science and knowledge can only bring us so far, but there will always be a “gap” left for God to reside in. God handed us a world full of mystery and we are naïve enough to think we can know all its secrets. I find solace in the very fact that I do not know everything nor will I ever. Cue the saying “ignorance is bliss”. Therefore, I leave it to God to guide me through his wonderland created to fill me with joy, strength, and growth.

Sure science is and will always be a necessity. I love science, it is very interesting and profoundly useful. But who created the reactions, the medicinal herbs, the minerals, the compounds, the cells …etc., and even the minds who find information and remedies from them? I believe the answer is a higher power. Something this extensive and complicated surely had to have an intelligent and all-knowing, and I might add divine, orchestrater.

I would like to add, while using ‘The Story of God’ in this writing, that in the episode ‘Who is God?’ the viewers are shown, perhaps, proof that while meditating on God, or a high power, the frontal lobe of the brain actually blossoms. The same wasn’t true when meditating on the present alone. I would like to then believe that the lovely feeling in my bones while in prayer is an actual manifestation of God and his love for me.

This is an opinion piece, but it is possible it could be factual if there is in fact a loving higher power, God. When I am blessed with that undoubtable answer I will not be able to share it with you. Within that mystery of life, God blessed us with a choice in all things. A choice to decide fact from fiction. A choice of where to install our faith. A choice to decide if our wonderland is controlled by mere happenstance or if there is a loving creator guiding us through. I choose to fill the “gap” with God. Your choice is yours.

The forecast shows rain for Saturday, but as you well know that can change more than once between now and then. Ever-changing variables and unforeseen circumstances will change the prediction time and time again. I am thankful I have God on my side, so I can relax in my faith that he will guide me into the mystery and bring me out in his arms.

-with luv