Tooth Fairy is dead. A true story not for kids under 9 years of age.


One day the curious and concerned little girl finds her mom sitting at the table scrolling Facebook.

Before I continue let me tell you about this little girl. This little girl is a fairy tale lover. She is a romantic and a Sabrina the Teenage Witch fan. She loves the mystery in life right where it should be, a mystery.

So, this little girl is set back by talk on the bus about there being no Santa. I said it folks, no Santa!

“Mom, the kids on the bus keep telling me there is no such thing as Santa.” The mom immediately puts down her phone and looks at her child whose eyes are filled with worry.

Before I continue once again let me tell you about the mom. This mom hates lying. Even if it is for the child’s own good or just for fun. She is painfully honest. She has never enjoyed the charade behind the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and even Santa.

The mom remembers the girl’s older brother coming to her at the exactly same age -nine- and after a brief discussion the boy left feeling validated. He had enjoyed helping with the dreaded -by the mom- charade for the past year. So the mom thinks maybe the girl is old enough to hear the truth. It would be a relief to only have the girl’s younger brother left to, well ultimately, trick.

The mom then explains how Santa is just a tradition and meant to be fun and that there is still Christmas magic if you know where to look for it. The girl precedes to cry her eyes out, acting as if her puppy had died. The mom feels horrible.

During that conversation she had quickly covered the Easter Bunny and she was sure, The Tooth Fairy. Dun, Dun, Duuunnnn!

Half a year later, the girl starts losing her molars. The first one went on as usual, tooth under pillow then waking to money left behind. The mom wanted to continue the fun part without the deceitfulness.

Then the next tooth falls. The mom is caught cashless. She then decides to tell the daughter that if she will wait to put her tooth under the pillow until the next day then her mom would have a few dollars to give her. The crap hit the fan.

The girl is found upstairs balled up and bawling. She had decided if she could believe hard enough that the tooth fairy was still real then maybe it would keep coming. Her thought had been proven with the lost of her first molar. Then out of nowhere her evil mother slayed the Tooth Fairy. Murdered. Struck down. Stabbed through the heart.

Feeling lowdown the mom sits on the girl’s bed. “Sweetheart, mom had told you the Tooth Fairy was not real.” The girl looks in disbelief as if each time that statement is said another puppy dies. Dropping like flies. “There is NOTHING to believe in anymore!” The girl shrills.

The mom is astonished. Was her child grouping God in with these fairy tale beings? Had she taken her child’s faith away as well?

“My child, you can believe in God. God is real. All the magic left here on Earth is his doing. Sunsets, sunrises, the twinkle in a baby’s eyes, butterflies’ patterns, the cool breeze on your face, snowflakes… I can go on and on. Keep looking for the wonder and mystery in the world, sweetie, you just need to adjust your focus. When looking in the correct places you will find more magic than you will ever know.

The end.



So, am I against our fun charades we hide in as parents? Yes and no. I love traditions. I will keep these going and hope my children will as well. But no one ever talks about when the charade ends. The pain and distrust involved.  However, I am a believer in a little hardship never hurting anyone. So when my Kinsey turned very dramatic on me I told her that was enough. I am raising a strong woman. She had her cry and now it is time to move on. Life is what it is and we have to always look forward and remember to take note of the beauty, the good, and even the magic along the way.

-with luv